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08 May 2020
Korea South
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Distributor of Deerfos Indonesia

PT. Amplasindo Jatra Tama is a Distributor of Deerfos Indonesia, Deerfos is a manufacturer of sandpaper products. Deerfos quickly became the leader in domestic sandpaper in Korea. One of the products is sandpaper roll, which can be used with off-hand grinding and hand-held machines. There are various choices of grain on sandpaper, dimensions, and type of backing according to application requirements.

Deerfos was founded in 1963, sandpaper coated with Deerfos is used in a variety of applications including woodworking, metal fabrication, glass work and more. Deerfos Indonesia's distributor continues to develop new layered sandpaper while also improving existing products. This effort has made brands widely requested throughout the world.

Our superior products:

XA 517          PA 343        EA 143        JA 346         XZ 677

XA 911          YA 531        JA 165         PZ 533         PZ 633

KA 563          XA 167       KA 165         PZ 528       

YA 347           EA 343       JA 512         PZ 633         

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